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    - John Martins, USA

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    - Amanda Roy, Canada

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    - Ann Spencer, England

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Terms and Conditions OSL

Welcome to OnSpanishLine.com. The following terms of use, which includes the general conditions of the website represent a contract agreement between the user of the page, student and / or teacher, and OSL.
Spanish classes will be conducted online via video conferencing with the program Skype, and other online resources will be used in agreement between the students and teachers.
The technical requirements include any device that can accommodate the proper functioning of the Skype platform for videoconferencing, that is, user must have an appropriate enabled Internet connection to a smoothly videoconference.

OnSpanishLine performs a free placement test to fit what the students need according to their language skills and in agreement before teaching. Both of these, like all the other important details deemed will be sent via e-mail to the user in question.
To begin learning Spanish the user will proceed to the contact form on the website; according to the complete ordering data, the process for the free placement test will start.
The start of classes will be later than the payment by the students of these classes, so that both teacher and user have secured the program of the hours per week/month/year.
The student may want to reserve the appropriate classes following the guidelines and offers that are marked on www.onspanishline.com web page, upon accepted the terms of use displayed here and conditions of our services.

Payment is processed from the contact site or talked in class and will be made via Paypal or bank transfer confirming payment quickly and securely to the student and platform, which confirmation shall be sent to the user via e-mail.
To cancel classes, the student must submit the cancellation and its cause through a onspanishline@gmail.com mail,
with a minimum of 24 hours in advance. OSL again assign the student to another time in another day available to
the student and the platform.
If the student does not notify the cancellation 24 hours in advance, do not proceed to the reimbursement of it as it
would count as made​​. In the rare case that the platform OnSpanishLine cancels the class, will be offered for
the student the opportunity to choose another time and day available at the student´s convenience or seek
retribution of the payment amount.
When the student wants to cancel a quota of classes hired for a long period by major cause, will have contact
through email to onspanishline@gmail.com, with a minimum of 48 hours prior to the next class, and will be
refunded the 75% of the amount is paid whether it's a class like there are several classes.
If you have a problem with the functioning of the platform and/or the class videoconference on Skype and this
disrupts the development of education, the student is entitled to recover the time lost in class.
When the incidence elapses for more than 5 minutes, these will be recovered at the end of the class without
payment changes.
If the time of these problems is more than 10 minutes, OSL will offer to the student the opportunity to retake the complete class time for another period without additional costs to the student. It should be statement from the student by sending an email to onspanishline@gmail.com, detailing the problems that happened and hours of availability to recover the class.

OnSpanishLine is committed to protecting all users personal data , so the navigation, use and enjoyment are absolutely safe.